VZero2 140 Lamphead with H Bulb


Manufacturer: IP&I
Printer compatibility: IP&I Cube 260UV
DP part number : PLAIP12455

This VZero2 140 Lamphead is suitable for IP&I Cube 260UV printers. This is the original IP&I part.

    With arc lengths of 140mm, this lamp represents one of the most effective, high output, high quality UV emitters of its size on the market today.

    VZero2 Standard Features
    - Ultra compact ‘footprint’
    - High intensity reflector system
    - Rapid warm-up and cool down
    - In-head ignitors for reliable start and added safety
    - Positive integrated air-cooling
    - Guaranteed lamp-life
    - Low voltage, extendable length power lead
    - Plug and socket cabling connections

    VZero2 Options
    - High speed low inertia shutter system
    - Integrated light skirt shield
    - Quartz plate to isolate lamp airflow from inkjets
    - Electronic drive ballast
    - Ultra-light alloy construction for tracking systems
    - Conveyor Transport System

    VZero2 Operation
    - Lamp warm-up: 20-30 seconds
    - Lamp cool-down: 40-50 seconds
    - Focal length: 60mm from lamphead

    Power Supply
    230V 25A 50Hz

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