Seiko IP7 1500mL Ink - For Seiko H-Series


These are non-expired inks. 05/15 Manufacturing date; Good for two years.
Please check your printer/plotter to ensure these are the right cartridges.
Guaranteed to work, no worries! Check out other auctions for more colors in this series

Seiko 1500mL H-Series Ink Gray - IP7-107
Seiko 1500mL H-Series Ink Yellow - IP7-101
Seiko 1500mL H-Series Ink Magenta - IP7-102
Seiko 1500mL H-Series Ink Cyan - IP7-103
Seiko 1500mL H-Series Ink Black - IP7-104
Seiko 1500mL H-Series Ink Light Cyan - IP7-105
Seiko 1500mL H-Series Ink Light Magenta - IP7-106
Seiko 1500mL H-Series Ink Gray - IP7-107
Seiko 1500mL H-Series Ink Light Gray - IP7-108

Seiko GX ink is a low solvent ink that is specifically designed to offer rich glossy colors on all types of substrates with great adherence and long-term outdoor durability.
This 8 color ink set can be used in both 4 and 8 color configurations in all ColorPainter H Series printers, and offers outdoor durability up to 10x over Latex-type printers.
Seiko GX ink dries quickly to allow high-speed printing, and is the perfect ink for all types of fleet graphics, custom vehicle wraps, banners, signs, awnings, fabrics, and backlit films. Seiko GX ink is the best ink available for PVC printing, but also performs equally well on indoor canvas, papers and films.
This GX ink is suitable for Seiko Colorpainter H-74s / Colorpainter H-104s printers. This is the original Seiko GX ink (part number IP7-1XX)

- Ink Types: Original Seiko GX Low Solvent High-Viscosity Inks
- Volume: 1500ml per colors
- Ink Usage Sq. Ft.: 1ml
- Ink Usage Sq. Ft.: 0.65ml
- Storage Temperature: 5 - 35°C
- Storage Humidity: 10 - 80% RH (No condensation)
- Colors:  8 colors available

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